9 New Year Gift Ideas

When New Year approaches, people send gifts. Actually, gifts are a way of sharing sincere love with your loved ones. They help you make your relationships stronger. Therefore, you may want to decide on New Year gifts for your loved ones. Given below are some gift ideas.

Gold plated gifts

24 carat gold gifts can be a great gift for anyone. You can welcome the New Year with the glitter and charm of gold. If you can afford, we suggest that you buy something made of gold as a gift. It can be a ring or bangles, for instance.

Odd platters

You can go for something creative and unique as a gift. For instance, you can buy an Apple 5.5″, Pear Platter, or an Eye Shaped Platter, just to name a few. These gifts will be a lot more interesting for your loved one.

Ganesh Idols

This is a good gift idea especially if you are from India. Ganesh is also known as Vighanaharta and is said to rid of you of all the hurdles from your way. Therefore, you can consider gifting a Ganesh Idol to your friend or loved one.


If you can add a charm to your friends’ kitchen, they will be over the moon. For instance, you can buy a set of champagne glasses, wine glasses or silver planted trays of glass. This will make a classic kitchen look special too.

Fruit bowl

A fruit bowl is a useful thing but it also serves as a decorative item in any house. Aside from this, it also encourages healthy eating habits. So, you can also buy a beautiful fruit bowl to give as a gift.

Jewelry box

You can opt for a jewelry box as a gift especially if the other person is a girl or woman. Jewelry boxes come in tons of styles, sizes, shapes and designs. You can buy one for your mother, daughter or sister, for instance.

Gold Rose

As you know rose is the symbol of love. In the same way, gold is on the list of metals that are loved by everyone. When gold and rose are combined, you get something that can serve as a special gift.

Wish box

At the start of a New Year, some people make wishes and resolutions. So, a wish box can prove a good gift for a family member or friend. In the box, they can store their wishes without anyone knowing.

Silver crafts

As far as silver is concerned, it has been used for centuries as a sign of royalty. Apart from this, its anti-bacterial properties make it an ideal choice. Some people believe that silver can be used to ward off evil spirits. No matter what the reason may be, most people of India love silver. Therefore, silver crafts, such as utility boxes, bowls, platters, baskets and idols can be a good New Year gift idea.