How to Celebrate the Festive Season With Beautiful Thanksgiving Flowers

Life cannot be a bed of roses but there can be an occasional bouquet or two to bring home the beauty of ephemeral life and its joyous expression. Flowers are just that: ephemeral and joyous in expressing life, even for a passing moment. One of the moments that most families cherish is Thanksgiving, a day when the family gets together and celebrates togetherness joyously with a feast.

The perfect complement to a dinner is a flower arrangement. It is a bit of bothering to put together appropriate flowers to reflect colors of the season. The colors are russet, gold, orange, white and yellow. There are normal flowers one can find in the neighborhood or exquisite arrangement of exotic tropical flowers in these shades sourced from a flower near me boutique. Arranged aesthetically in a beautiful composition by an expert these fall colors, offset against creamy white and greens or pastel pink can create just the right atmosphere for a living or dining room.

It can be flower arrangements for the important Thanksgiving Day and then discarded. It can just as well be a composition that lasts if created in silk. Artificial silk flowers look real and last for a long, long time. One such glorious composition is pale green layered silk flowers set off delightfully by a couple of pale pink flowers against a background of deep green foliage, all in silk. These are highlighted by a small pumpkin and a couple of pomegranates or kumquats on the branch for a delightfully earthy and rustic tone. Then there is the combo of blue, pink, cream and green that evokes nuances of the Victorian era or European aesthetics. It may be difficult to source fresh blue or pink flowers with the right shade and texture but silk is a perfect substitute and, what is more, the bouquet can grace your table for months. Fresh flowers may fade and wither in a day but silk lasts, a reminder of the happy times you had on Thanksgiving.

Some like the exotic combination of colors, shades and textures in a colorful bouquet such as a black holder holding a riot of pink, orange, mauve, yellow and blue flowers topped with a pumpkin. Others may like to keep it simple in which case a bunch of red or crimson rosebuds in a base of the white holder with some greens peeping out from underneath could be what they like. A word in passing: Consider the backdrop against which the flowers will be set and then place the order to get a bouquet that will truly stand out. Another thing to consider is the size while placing the order. Too small and it will not be noticeable and too large in relation to its placement and objects around it will give it an overpowering presence. Size matters just as much as color, texture and combinations.

When it is about flowers and flower arrangements, imagination is the limit. The same, everyday flowers, in the hands of a talented creator of bouquets can truly come together in a dazzling composition. Find one and you get pleasing arrangements that express what you feel for the season.