We Finally Got a Full Shower

When I moved to Florida, I knew that I wanted to have an outdoor shower if I lived on the water someday. I never thought in a million years that I would be so lucky to be able to live in the water and I was really excited to hear that I could have an outdoor shower built and I would have a lot of privacy. I found out this year that I had to have shower enclosures in Queens NY when I move back home and I am really excited to have a full shower again because it is not fun to always think that someone is looking at you even though that is not possible, it makes sense if you are worried about going and keeping something like that private. I am really happy to know that even though I am moving to a colder area for my new job, I will be in a place where we will have all four seasons.

I think that having the seasons is really important if that is something that you are looking forward to. I think that a lot of people get certain moods based on all of the weather and the changes that are taking place. I wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to speak with someone that would be able to talk to me about the different seasonal changes I would be feeling because I know when I used to live up there when I was younger, i would never wear a coat when I was younger and my parents would get so upset. I know that I am going to be cold all of the time when everyone else thinks it’s warm because I am so used to the really hot weather.