Top 6 Secrets to Make Your Valentine’s Day Memorable

14th February is about to knock the door anytime soon. People who are in love or just admire any kind of love around are very excited and the reason is very obvious. Though every day is special when you’re with your beloved one but this is that one day when you can surprise them with a twist. This is called the spirit of life.

From vouching for the date again and again to re-listing the Valentines Day gifts or surprise plans, men, women, children and grandparents, all feel quite anticipated this lovely day of the year. It would be a little tough one to jot down the best gifts to present your loved ones because be it big or small, emotions are all that matters. This time with love is in the air, we would concentrate on how to make the day more memorable. Just remember that memories are everything that lasts with us till the end of time. So, let’s make it precious by decoding top ten secrets.

1. Don’t wait and ask: A busy schedule is all that we have, to make excuses but not this day. Eliminate the word busy from the course and make a way out. Plan a plain or exotic dinner with your partner and don’t forget to bring her or him, favorite drink or cuisine. For people who are more senior can be asked for a date day-out and take them to a relaxing spa center. Let them regain the pulp of freshness this day.

Even if you are short on your wallet, ask your dear for a long drive and listen to the loved music all along. That will set the magic all again.

2. Writing is always good: You don’t have to be a writer or philosopher to bring the soul on paper. Just jot it down like any other paperwork you do at your office, school, home or workplace. An iota of something from your heart can make a very precious and forever impression on others’ hearts. You do not have to choose your words wisely and let it flow as it is.

Though you have to make preparations for it! Take an organic or hand-made or leather notebook for this special notation. And prepare a draft first before writing heart on the new paper.

3. Capture the moment & tag it: Customisation always comes first when it is about Valentine’s Day gifts for her & him. But let’s plan it in some different way. Gift her or him a new phone with a customised designer mobile case or cover. It can be tailor made with the best-captured image of yours or something that make her or him happy. You can do this with cushions or T-shirts or can decorate the interior of her or his room with a string of your photos and memoirs.

4. Let’s fly together: How about a passport wallet?

Here comes the twist! Plan a surprise vacation with your beloved one and slip the tickets into this passport wallet with a tag asking, ‘can you take our love to another level?’

5. Plan something crazy: Some loves are silent and some have craziness in their love. And if you are one of them then this point is solely for you.

Five stars or luxury spa is not your thing; so, let’s try scuba diving in the Philippines, glass walking in Malaysia, staying in a natural tree house in India or meet with lions in the wild. You can plan some adventurous trip and can take her out there directly. Surprise your love!

6. A day for everyone you love: Of course, it is not just for couples but for everyone you love. Then, why not celebrate it together? Call your friends and special ones and celebrate it under one roof with your parents, siblings, and grandparents. Sometimes, this kind of hotch-potch seems peaceful to heart.

Choosing Giveaways for Your Next Tradeshow or Conference

Don’t throw away your money by purchasing just any promotional item for your next conference – to get the most impact, ensure that it is relevant, appealing and functional.

Promoting your brand well is especially important in any season. Each year, businesses from all over the world Rep sol Conference meet in venues and arenas to introduce their products and services, speak with potential customers and hopefully expand their customer base.

There are many ways for a company to stand out at a trade show, like choosing a stand-out booth, a great location and engaging staff members. But this article focuses on your trade show giveaways.

The best thing about trade show giveaways is that your recipients walk away with your brand name in their hands. The right tangible gift will help make your company more memorable, which may just lead to new business.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that yours isn’t the only company at the show. Dozens, potentially hundreds, of competing exhibitors will be vying for the attention of attendees. How will you stand out? Distributing trade show giveaways will separate you from the competition.

No matter what trade show giveaway you choose, it’s important to feature your company’s name and logo prominently on the item. You want to associate your brand with the best, so be sure to select products that position your brand in the best light. Three aspects to consider are: appeal, functionality and relevance.


How appealing is your trade show giveaway? It relies heavily on the way it looks. In advertising especially, what matters most Air Conditioner US Flash drive is making a good first impression. Search for promotional items that match your brand colors and have enough room for your logo. Uniquely-shaped products can attract passers-by (how about a USB Flash drive in the shape of your product, i.e., we make custom shaped flash drives for Fujitsu General, in the shape of an air conditioner).


After you’ve chosen stand-out products that will match your brand’s look, it’s important to pay attention to function. Who wants a product that’s pretty to look at but serves no purpose? If your giveaway is unusable, then it will soon be forgotten (along with your brand).

Instead, choose products that are helpful and useful. For example, drink bottles are functional. People will use your giveaways often, ensuring your logo is on display all the time.


The last thing to consider when shopping for trade show giveaways is whether a product is relevant. Ask yourself: “Does this item accurately represent our brand?” If the answer is no, then you need to find a new product. With thousands of promotional products to choose from, you can absolutely find one that reflects your company’s look and style.

Keep these criteria in mind while you search for the perfect trade show giveaway – give us a full brief on your budget, demographic, the type of trade show, the product you are promoting, and the outcome you are trying to achieve. We can then work through your brief and suggest products within your budget. Your promotional products have the potential to take your company to a new level.