I Started to Look for a Job

Of course I spent the last two years almost working to get my nursing degree and now I have started to look for a job. I started the search almost two weeks ago and I have been to a lot of places. I actually got a job at an aesthetic clinic in Orchard, but that was purely a temporary position though. I kept right on looking for a job. I knew that the lady I was replacing would be back. In fact I seemed to be a lot more popular than she was, apparently no one else liked her all that much and they all seemed to love me for whatever reason. All of the girls there seemed to be really pretty and I suppose that makes sense when you think about the sort of work that they do in this place. You definitely do not want to create the wrong impression when you are selling some sort of fantasy to the patients. I did not really get to do any of that stuff though. All I did was take vitals and fill out forms for the patients.

At any rate I think that I might be on the right track with a hospital, although I was really hoping not to work at one of those. If you go to work at a doctor’s office you are going to have a really good idea of the hours that you will work. You shall go in to the office at 9 AM in the morning and leave around 5 in the afternoon. If there is a holiday then you are off of work, but hospitals stay open every hour of the day all of the year round. Someone is going to have to show up on Christmas morning and on New Year’s Eve.